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Community News & Announcements
122 7 European Forum Update
by keith_leitch
     Frequently Asked Questions
Forum Rules 7 2 Captions Help
by LL
Frequently Asked Questions - the answers
The first place to look if you need to know something
100 23 Logitec Harmony 350 Universal Remote with TRF-2400
by RogCH43
Getting the most out of your Toppy
A guide to resources that will assist you in getting the most out of your Toppy
25 5 The IanL-S Appreciation Thread
by keith_leitch
When Things Go Wrong
Discussion of common problems
362 44 Cause for spontaneous reboot of TRF-2400
by pearly
     Topfield PVRs (Personal Video Recorders)
HD Toppys (MPEG2/MPEG4)
TF-T6000 (no TAP support), TF-T6211 (android APPs), TF-7100HDPVRt Plus, TRF-2000 (no TAP support), TRF-2100 (no TAP support), TRF-2400/2460, TRF-2470, TRF-5300/5310/5320, TRF-7150 (Freeview) (No TAP support), TRF-7160, TRF-7170, TRF-7260/7260 plus, TRF-8800HD, TRP-5000 (no TAP support)
High Definition
1603 149 file select continuous playback
by keith_leitch
HD Toppys (MPEG2)
MPEG2, dual recording (HD)
50 4 TF7000 firmware
by IanL-S
SD Toppys
Standard Definition
7 2 TF5010PVRTH
by Fred
     Topfield STBs (Set Top Boxes)
USB recording
18 3 Remote
by keith_leitch
USB Recording
16 2 unable to program shows
by steve747
ABC iView (no longer supported)
0 0 No posts
     Topfield Satellite PVRs (Personal Video Recorders)
TF7700HSIR 0 0 No posts
TF7700 HD PVR 46 7 Firmware
by sgaws
     TAPs (Topfield Application Programs)
Installing and managing TAPs
logos (for TAPs)
General discussion on how to install, remove, and otherwise manage TAPs
169 5 Logos
by IanL-S
TAP Index
Listing of TAP; where you can ask for new TAPs to be added
1 1 TAP Feature Comparison (Work in progress)
by DeltaMikeCharlie
I am looking for a TAP
Which TAP do I need to do ...., I cannot find a TAP that will do ...
47 10 Launch a photo slideshow when paused
by keith_leitch
TAP News
Latests news from TAP developers - new versions
0 0 No posts
TAP Forums
AcadeRC, Automove, AutoReboot, AutoScheduler, BackgroundCopy, dbfit, DSTConfig, jdaEPGMoreInfo, EPG_Upload, FixIcon, jdaBackToList, jdaSignalMonitor, jdaSkip, INFplus, IRRename, migrateTMShdd, MovieCutter, NAS Mount, RebuildNAV/RecCopy, RemoteSwitchTMS, ShutDown, SmartEPG TMS, TMSArchive, TimeShiftSaver, TMSAutoScheduler, TMSCommander, TMSTelnetd, NASMount TAP, TMSRemote, TMSServer & TMSClient, TMSTimer, WebControl, TAPtoDate, USBCopy, xStart
The place for discussion of issues relating particular TAPs
791 109 SE can't work with SBS World Movies
by keith_leitch
TAP development
The place to discuss TAP programming issues
18 5 Fast Playback with Sound
by sdsperth
     PVR Features and Enhancements
Android Apps
Featured on the TF-T6211
5 1 Empty Android Apps Screen
by jam
Networking and Home Media (DLNA)
Networking, Home Media (DLNA)
Getting your Toppy to talk to the world!
53 5 Which wireless adapter for 7260+ Topfield PVR?
by Greg
IceTV EPG and IceTV Interactive
Featured on the TRF-2400, TRF-2460, TRF-5300, TRF-5310, TRF-5320, TF7100HDPVRt Plus
60 4 TAP to make any TMS PVR ICE-Compatible
by DeltaMikeCharlie
IR (Intelligent Recording)
Featured on the TRF-2400, TRF-2460, TRF-2470, TRF-7160, TRF-7170, TRF-7260, TF-T6000
0 0 No posts
Media Player, MP3 Player and Photo
Media Player, MP3 Player, Photo Show
3 1 Cannot play ANY MKV Videos Movies and now some AVI's TRF 24000
by Dazzla
Unusual/unexpected ways of getting the most from your Toppy
Using your Australian Topfield PVR Overseas
45 8 Detecting FTP transfers
by DeltaMikeCharlie
RS (Record Series)
Featured on the TRF-5300, TRF-5310, TRF-5320, TRF-2200 and TF-T6211
1 1 Why RS (Record Series) Timers may not record as expected
by IanL-S
TV Portal
Featured on TRF-2400, TRF-2460, TRF-5300, TRF-5310, TRF-5320 and TF-T6000
57 1 TV Portal "Cannot Connect to Network"
by IanL-S
     Remote control units (RCUs), USB devices
Toppy Remote Control Units (RCUs)
Where you discuss questions about Toppy RCUs
6 1 What supports modes 2 and 3?
by IanL-S
USB Devices
Using USB storage, USB Keyboards, AirMouse
0 0 No posts
     The oztoppy Community
oztoppy Marketplace (Toppys and Spare Parts)
Pre-loved and Retired/Dead Units Market - buy, sell, barter and free to a good home The place to find everything from complete working Toppy to salvage (spare parts)
48 7 TF7700HDPVR's
by Sheep Station
After-market Remote Control Units (RCUs)
Discussion of replacement RCUs
19 4 General Topfield Remote
by mddawson
Editing recording on PC/Mac
Discussion of editing Toppy recordings on your computer
21 2 Strange things with 10 Boss in Melbourne
by IanL-S
Getting your Toppy repaired
A discussion of how to get your Toppy repaired - including contact details of reputable
1 1 Topfield repair and spare parts.
by nasaelectronics
I did not know where to make this post! 253 22 Toppro
by bulletmark

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