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Community News & Announcements
39 3 Liquidator's On-line Auction ...
by Fred
     Frequently Asked Questions
Forum Rules 3 1 As a member of the Forum you ...
by TBZ
Frequently Asked Questions - the answers
The first place to look if you need to know something
21 17 How do you set to record when...
by Wing Nut
Getting the most out of your Toppy
A guide to resources that will assist you in getting the most out of your Toppy
1 1 Logos
by IanL-S
When Things Go Wrong
Discussion of common problems
132 17 Just got this from ICE-TV abo...
by davidmorr
     Topfield PVRs (Personal Video Recorders)
HD Toppys (MPEG2/MPEG4)
TF-T6000 (no TAP support), TF-T6211 (android APPs), TF-7100HDPVRt Plus, TRF-2000 (no TAP support), TRF-2200 (no TAP support), TRF-2400/2460, TRF-2470, TRF-5300/5310/5320, TRF-7160, TRF-7170, TRF-7260/7260 plus, TRF-8800HD, TRP-5000 (no TAP support)
High Definition
635 48 Newer TRF-2400 and the RED bu...
by keith_leitch
HD Toppys (MPEG2)
MPEG2, dual recording (HD)
3 1 cannot Get The Firmware Upgra...
by IanL-S
SD Toppys
Standard Definition
0 0 No posts
     Topfield STBs (Set Top Boxes)
USB recording
5 1 Unreliable EPG
by keith_leitch
USB Recording
0 0 No posts
ABC iView (no longer supported)
0 0 No posts
     Topfield Satellite PVRs (Personal Video Recorders)
TF7700HSIR 0 0 No posts
TF7700 HD PVR 17 4 EPG Question
by Sheep Station
     TAPs (Topfield Application Programs)
Installing and managing TAPs
logos (for TAPs)
General discussion on how to install, remove, and otherwise manage TAPs
99 4 Logos
by keith_leitch
TAP Index
Listing of TAP; where you can ask for new TAPs to be added
1 1 TAP Feature Comparison (Work ...
by DeltaMikeCharlie
I am looking for a TAP
Which TAP do I need to do ...., I cannot find a TAP that will do ...
22 3 Stopping a Toppy going into s...
by davidmorr
TAP News
Latests news from TAP developers - new versions
0 0 No posts
TAP Forums
AcadeRC, Automove, AutoReboot, AutoScheduler, BackgroundCopy, dbfit, DSTConfig, jdaEPGMoreInfo, EPG_Upload, FixIcon, jdaBackToList, jdaSignalMonitor, jdaSkip, INFplus, IRRename, migrateTMShdd, MovieCutter, NAS Mount, RebuildNAV/RecCopy, RemoteSwitchTMS, ShutDown, SmartEPG TMS, TMSArchive, TimeShiftSaver, TMSAutoScheduler, TMSCommander, TMSTelnetd, NASMount TAP, TMSRemote, TMSServer & TMSClient, TMSTimer, WebControl, TAPtoDate, USBCopy, xStart
The place for discussion of issues relating particular TAPs
358 49 Where is the log for this tap...
by IanL-S
TAP development
The place to discuss TAP programming issues
0 0 No posts
     PVR Features and Enhancements
Android Apps
Featured on the TF-T6211
5 1 Empty Android Apps Screen
by jam
Networking and Home Media (DLNA)
Networking, Home Media (DLNA)
Getting your Toppy to talk to the world!
49 4 Edit program from Toppy on PC...
by jkit
IceTV EPG and IceTV Interactive
Featured on the TRF-2400, TRF-2460, TRF-5300, TRF-5310, TRF-5320, TF7100HDPVRt Plus
0 0 No posts
IR (Intelligent Recording)
Featured on the TRF-2400, TRF-2460, TRF-2470, TRF-7160, TRF-7170, TRF-7260, TF-T6000
0 0 No posts
Media Player, MP3 Player and Photo
Media Player, MP3 Player, Photo Show
0 0 No posts
Unusual/unexpected ways of getting the most from your Toppy
Using your Australian Topfield PVR Overseas
0 0 No posts
RS (Record Series)
Featured on the TRF-5300, TRF-5310, TRF-5320, TRF-2200 and TF-T6211
0 0 No posts
TV Portal
Featured on TRF-2400, TRF-2460, TRF-5300, TRF-5310, TRF-5320 and TF-T6000
57 1 TV Portal "Cannot Connect to ...
by IanL-S
     Remote control units (RCUs), USB devices
Toppy Remote Control Units (RCUs)
Where you discuss questions about Toppy RCUs
0 0 No posts
USB Devices
Using USB storage, USB Keyboards, AirMouse
0 0 No posts
     The oztoppy Community
oztoppy Marketplace (Toppys and Spare Parts)
Pre-loved and Retired/Dead Units Market - buy, sell, barter and free to a good home The place to find everything from complete working Toppy to salvage (spare parts)
3 2 Topfield repair and spare par...
by Fred
After-market Remote Control Units (RCUs)
Discussion of replacement RCUs
3 2 Topfield remote control
by nasaelectronics
Editing recording on PC/Mac
Discussion of editing Toppy recordings on your computer
13 1 TFtool
by IanL-S
Getting your Toppy repaired
A discussion of how to get your Toppy repaired - including contact details of reputable
1 1 Topfield repair and spare par...
by nasaelectronics
I did not know where to make this post! 24 3 Weird date stamp on forum pos...
by IanL-S

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