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Coming soon - Topfield Spares
1 2
fixmydata oztoppy Marketplace (Toppys and Spare Parts) 176 17
by Fred
TRF2400 Service not running or scrambled 0ldtimer TRF-2400/2460 148 11
by jetspeed
TRF-7150 Firmware toddby HD Toppys (MPEG2) 62 4
by Referee
Firmwares for TRF-7150 AQUAR TRF-7150 (Freeview) (No TAP support) 23 3
by IanL-S
WebControl Version v2.20 DeltaMikeCharlie WebControl 41 2
by Dazzla
Ice TV EPG ok, but no recordings davidmorr IceTV EPG and IceTV Interactive 56 6
by davidmorr
Missing not missing ing file Phototaker RebuildNAV/RecCopy 51 2
by Phototaker
Skip keys working?
1 2 3 4 5
keith_leitch TRF-2470 563 67
by Fred
Variable reception Aidan TRF-7160 85 5
by Ewan_Hoozami
Setting up old 7160 from scratch & installing taps in correct sequence Phototaker TRF-7160 72 8
by Phototaker
Wanted: TBF-100HD set top box keith_leitch oztoppy Marketplace (Toppys and Spare Parts) 81 7
by keith_leitch
Reverting to AU OzJohn Using your Australian Topfield PVR Overseas 125 7
by OzJohn
Fast Playback with Sound sdsperth TAP development 32 0
by sdsperth
Cannot play ANY MKV Videos Movies and now some AVI's TRF 24000 Dazzla Media Player 42 2
by Dazzla
There is only one! Sheep Station After-market Remote Control Units (RCUs) 209 9
by Sumit10
Is this machine finished? Phototaker When Things Go Wrong 66 5
by Fred
I can't see live TV through Toppy Phototaker TRF-7170 86 7
by Phototaker
New Toppy firmware respository
1 2
IanL-S News 719 27
by Ewan_Hoozami
Front display and controls frozen keith_leitch When Things Go Wrong 86 6
by FireBird
Still not working Phototaker RebuildNAV/RecCopy 63 5
by IanL-S
Missed timers, deleted recordings and wrong time problem (fixed) trf7160 When Things Go Wrong 42 2
by IanL-S
Firmware usb not accepting Maddie TRF-7160 42 1
by IanL-S
Strange behavior Phototaker TRF-7170 44 1
by IanL-S
Audio Problem KISSMAD TRF-7160 90 4
by Col_W
Recording Black Screen
1 2
KISSMAD TRF-2400/2460 186 29

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