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A couple of strange things Phototaker TRF-7160 63 1
by IanL-S
Recordings Missing Rodo TRF-7170 40 2
by Rodo
7160 Reboot cycle IanL-S TRF-7160 41 0
by IanL-S
Details about settings for Tap? Phototaker RebuildNAV/RecCopy 39 2
by Phototaker
TRF 7260+ recordings not showing up Greg TRF-7260/7260 plus 79 3
by IanL-S
IMDB searches now return no data
1 2
GarryB jdaEPGMoreInfo 230 24
by GarryB
Missing not missing ing file Phototaker RebuildNAV/RecCopy 142 9
by Phototaker
Trf7160 Green overlay over TV picture and no sound Jk42040 When Things Go Wrong 52 2
by davidmorr
TRF-2100 Fault oppej When Things Go Wrong 78 6
by oppej
Green screen and no sound trf7160 Jk42040 TRF-7160 55 4
by Fred
Hidden Recordings TRF 2400 RogCH43 When Things Go Wrong 57 4
by RogCH43
TRF 7260 Recording problem Julian Thomson TRF-7260/7260 plus 116 8
2 problems with playback Phototaker TRF-7160 51 0
by Phototaker
7100 HD Plus tuner fail mollydooker When Things Go Wrong 295 6
by IanL-S
What is the Default Format For a USB is Dazzla TRF-2400/2460 126 12
by Dazzla
1 2
jkit Editing recording on PC/Mac 833 16
by Fangles
Connecting 7160to PC with Filezilla Phototaker When Things Go Wrong 65 3
by Phototaker
Tranfer to Reccorded TV Progrtams Is Slow and I have all these other mpg for each program Files that Do Nothing
1 2
Dazzla TRF-2400/2460 159 15
by Dazzla
Yellow filter button Phototaker SmartEPG TMS 38 1
by DeltaMikeCharlie
Yellow filter button Phototaker SmartEPG TMS 24 0
by Phototaker
Firmwarre Downloads not working Greg HD Toppys (MPEG2/MPEG4) 128 4
by Kknbk
Stopping a Toppy going into standby davidmorr I cannot find a TAP that will do ... 149 11
by Kknbk
EPG Kknbk I did not know where to make this post! 55 2
by Kknbk
Missed timers, deleted recordings and wrong time problem (fixed) trf7160 When Things Go Wrong 111 11
by James
WIreless adapter for 7260 plus? Greg TRF-7260/7260 plus 56 2
by Greg

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