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Some months ago my 7160 started doing this all of a sudden. I unplugged it (only a backup unit) and deferred fixing it. My 2470 also stopped working. 

On Thursday I decided to fix them. I took the HDD out of the 7160, ran WD DataLifegard Diagnostics (explended test) and there were no problem with the drive. Deleted all paritions on the drive (after recovering needed recordings and backing up ProgramFiles.) Replaced the SATA cable and the Molex-to-SATA power cable. Started up the system up, all was well. Configured the Toppy and copied the ProgramFiles. When I restated the Toppy it started rebooting cycle again. Looked like one of the TAPs was the culprit. By a process of elimination I worked out that it was the TMSRemote TAP that was causing the problem.

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