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Manual states there is an FTP server built in. Following instructions does not show it where the manual says it is. Been through all settings and it doesn't exist.

Anyone familiar with the 8800 and can guide me to installing on the aformentioned beastie?

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It could be a error in the manual its actually a samba server which shares between windows, mac and android.

if you check your windows or mac network and look for the IP address for the topfield box it should show you a folder called share.

In this folder it will have sda folder then sda1 this is the internal drive.

Sdb - Sdb1 is the usb drive.

If you dont get the android box showing on the network it could mean that samba is not turned on.

This can be found in entertainment menu - settings - samba.

You just switch samba on and can add password for login otherwise just leave it blank and its always open.

If you are security conscious through in login and passwords for added security.

Once samba is running you should be able to access the box and the usb drives connected to it via your pc or mac.

If you have samba running and it is not working it could be a network configuration issue in Windows or Mac.

Also runs in Linux same as above.

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