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I'm not sure just what forum this should be posted in since it appears to be a mixture of things.  Today I turned on the Toppy & it said that 'Can't execute a tap'.  I'm uncertain which sent be the message. I eventually had another message pop up announcing new taps available. Can one flag to ignore any tap you know that you will never use?

I clicked on the button to see what it recorded last night & the list came up but I could not access any info details until I had waited about 2 minutes. 

I suspect it might be RebuilNav finishing off some work. I still don't know if its ever fixed anything or not.  I had thought that I had it set to try fixes in the middle of the night but if this happened I have no way of knowing.

If this tap can't tell me if its done anything I can't see any point in keeping it,agree?

I 'm guessing that I will have to look in autostart & see what tap isn't running & see if Commander normally looks after it?

Should we even be running some of the taps that looks at firmware since we won't be getting any updates anymore?

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One thing that occurs to me is that somehow you have TapToDate in your autostart folder. I have also found it best to run RebuildNav only when I need it rather than autostart - had an unfortunate experience where there was a bug in an update version that resulted in all my nav and ini files being recreated. FireBird issued a quick fix.

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