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This has been affecting me for a few months now, but I have been ignoring it.

I am not sure if it relates to the problems Phototaker has been reporting.

When I start up the 7170 out of standby it does not display any TV for between 5 to 10 minutes.
Instead I get the "Service is not running or scrambled" message.

The first stage of the tuner itself is still OK, because I can switch between channels and see the signal strength and quality stats change as expected - there is just no video or audio stream and the info page does not show video resolution.

Then, after about 10 minutes it suddenly springs to life. I tried starting with no TAPs, using the "press zero on the remote" technique, but that made no difference.

If I go to standby and restart within a few seconds then it restarts OK, but even 30 s to 1 minute off will cause the problem to reappear.

If I set the system to power up for a timed recording then the first part is just lost but the remaidner records OK.

I am currently working around the problem by leaving the pvr on permanently. The only other glitch I have noticed (might be related or not) is that I get brief blackouts in recordings, where the audio continues no problem but the video drops out (just shows black) for less than a second. There is no sign of pixellation or suggestion it relates to signal quality.

My guess is an intermittent hardware fault like a dry joint that is "cured" by a bit of thermal expansion. Any ideas or suggestions? (apart from the obvious one of looking around for another recorder)
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