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I had an issue yesterday for the first time that seems to be connected to a specific recording (from 7HD). I haven't been able to duplicate it with any other file, so it's possible that it will never bother me again.

When playing back the file, skipping or rewinding, everything was normal. However, things got weird whenever I pressed pause.

The first thing I noticed is that the font would change in the infobox. Looking more closely, I think this was because SmartEPG was blocked, and I was suddenly using the native info.

The other symptom was wildly unpredictable skipping and transport control; skipping forward might go back and vice-versa, and skipping in any direction would sometimes mute the sound.

After a reboot, everything was normal; I could play the same file, skip normally, etc., until I pressed pause for even an instant.

Like I said, this may not even be important, but I wouldn't mind narrowing down what the problem was.

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I have occasionally had erratic skip performance on my 2400. A three minute skip ends up at 30 seconds. Sometime I think it is going forward but really it is going back. End up completely lost and have to go back a long way to where I can remember.
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