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Hi all Toppy fans,

Taming the TF7700 HD PVR is unique in some ways.

At first I couldn't identify any services' as the LNB area is counter-intuitive to operate.

The available (default) L.O. (Local Oscillator) is common more to Europe than Australia and I accidentally discovered how to configure each tuner to match the IF passband from the LNB.

It runs like this in the LNB menu.
  • If you don't have a match for the L.O. just type in the one on the label of the LNB
  • Eg; 11300 / 10700
  • Next scroll up or down away from that choice and
  • Press MENU to save the setting
  • Carry out the same for the second tuner's L.O.
  • Change the coupling to the appropriate type such as "loop through" if tuner 2 is daisy chained from tuner 1 for example
As the TF7700 HD PVR does not "blind scan", next add a Satellite; This can be located over at Lyngsat.

We use Optus D1 at 160°E and then add Transponders' for all Services in NSW (1,2), SA (3,4), Qld(5,6), NT(7) and WA(8,9) as per this list for example.

Number Frequency Symbolrate Polarity TP Stream ID Mode   Time synchronization
1      12514 MHz 14294 KS/s Vertical 547          Normal                     
2      12391 MHz 14294 KS/s Vertical 848          Normal                     
3      12532 MHz 14294 KS/s Vertical 595          Normal                     
4      12427 MHz 14294 KS/s Vertical 912          Normal                     
5      12613 MHz 14294 KS/s Vertical 579          Normal                     
6      12409 MHz 14294 KS/s Vertical 944          Normal                     
7      12577 MHz 14294 KS/s Vertical 611          Normal                     
8      12348 MHz 14294 KS/s Vertical 928          Normal                     
9      12550 MHz 14294 KS/s Vertical 643          Normal        

Crucially Press "MENU" after this editing and search the current menu for "SAVE" without leaving this area, or it won't be stored.

Scan for services and edit as required by using "TopSet".

To do this locate "TopSet" on the Internet and connect via a Null Modem cable at 115,000 Kbits/second on Com1 or Com2 only to the 7700's RS-232. I am not sure how to USB to this machine so haven't tried that as yet.

I have attached the saved profile of the services we use on D1 (ABC / SBS in all four time zones only; Remove the file extension ".log" to have TopSet associate with it).

Other tips:
  • In "Language" disable the Teletext, otherwise the TF7700 HD PVR will splatter text randomly all over the display at times
  • Set all the languages to the required language for this feature (once discovering how to alter it from "Spracheinstellung" default German)

That is about if for now, any other changes that arise I will add here. [biggrin]

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log 040517-OPTUS-D1-CHANNELS(11300MHz L.O.).STD.log (128.31 KB, 5 views)

// Sheep Station \\ Renewable Energy is the future we all need :)

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