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Cross-posted from the original topic: Correct recording names - Samba or external hard drive

Happy New Year, everyone!

As a Christmas / New Year's present for all 6211 users I've created a new version of Toppy Minder: RecordingsVersion 2.0 has some minor bug fixes and features a Web User Interface. That's right - now you can access the app not only on the TV screen using your clunky remote, but also in any web browser - on your computer or smartphone. For that you also need to install the Web Server - Access Dynamics - from the same download page - http://www.intergrace.com.au/downloads.

If you don't install Access Dynamics, you can still use Toppy Minder: Recordings 2.0 as before - as a regular Android app.

As a gesture of good will, I also removed the Ads. The apps are completely ad-free. I rely solely on your donations now. Please contribute!

How to use the web interface.
- Install Toppy Minder: Recordings ver 2.0
- Install Access Dynamics
- Run Access Dynamics and start the server by clicking the big Start button on app's screen. The app will show the base URL that you have to put in your browser together with the separated by slash context name of Toppy Minder: Recordings, that should be listed below. For example, if the URL is and the context is recs (default, can be changed in the new context menu of Toppy Minder: Recordings), then the URL to put in your web browser is

Or you can just navigate to the base URL and then click on the recs context listed there.

Actually, there are two web UIs in Toppy Minder: Recordings - the so called single-page app UI for modern browsers and an older-looking, but more browser-inclusive conventional web interface, which is automatically activated if your browser doesn't support Javascript or if it's turned off. You can also navigate to it explicitly by adding /list to the end of the URL. For example:


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This may encourage me to get my 6211 out of storage. It occurs to me that it may be possible to get it to work with the TRF-8800 which is also an Android based Toppy.


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If it's based on Samba, perhaps the app could also be adapted for TMS models.
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