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I had another unexplained crash today. Afterward, whenever I try to power up my 2460, it just powers itself down (cleanly) again.

I watch the TAPs load, and everything seems normal. Then, the front display blinks once, and the TAPs unload before the unit returns to passive standby.

When I power up without TAPs, all is fine. When I start every TAP in the same order that XStart does... everything is still fine, until I get to TMSServer. TMSServer appears to be shutting the system down, probably for safety due to some corruption. The question is: what do I do about it?

Massive problem.

Actually, now that I think about it, I have a script that powers down the PVR safely. I wonder if it could be set to launch automatically? That would be a pretty specific and coincidental form of corruption, but I will take a look.

Yes, that was it: not corruption, exactly, but just a deleted .bypass file for my shutdown script. Started without TAPs, FTPed in, and replaced the file: no more problems.
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